We are BRC certified. The certificate can be downloaded from our website.

Welcome to Wilthagen B.V.

Family business since 1972

Wilthagen B.V. is a real family business, which originated from a butcher’s shop in Krabbendijke, a village in Zeeland, the Netherlands. Adrie Wilthagen took said butcher’s shop over, and continued running it in a traditional way. The meat was freshly butchered by hand and as a result there was a lot of pork bacon leftover to be used as a by-product. The bacon was then cut, salted and deep-fried by hand to create Pork cracklings. As of 1975, there was an increased demand for this product from other butcheries and supermarkets.

Initially, these customers were supplied with our Pork cracklings until 1984. Then the butchery was sold and the company moved to Yerseke. In 1984 the sale through the wholesaler’s and retail channel was started. As a result, the business expanded significantly and the Yerseke location became too small and outdated. Therefore in 1996 a new company unit was built in Tholen. This offered the opportunity to mechanise all activities we performed up until then, resulting in a modern (BRC, GMP+ and EDI certified) business.

Second generation

Marcel and Frank Wilthagen had been working in the family business in various functions for quite some years. In 2000 came the time to make them co-owners and in 2005 the two of them bought the rest of the company shares. So the 2nd generation took over the control of the company. The two owners make it their goal to counter the pressure of an ever-changing market and setting the tone for the future. Our customers can expect continuous high quality goods from our enterprise!

Prepared for the future

Since the beginning of 2013 Wilthagen B.V. the expanded production facilities are in use. We focus on deep-frying bacon and bacon rind products and other high quality meat products. These products are ready for consumption or can be used in meals, pizzas, sauces, salads, cut vegetables and sandwiches.

Our motto is: what the CUSTOMER desires, we supply!


  • Pork Cracklings

  • Pork Crunch (soft bite)